Nipple & Areolae Reduction Surgery

For many women, long, oversized, or inverted nipples can be an embarrassment, and nipple reduction surgery at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic presents a safe, efficient way to address the problem permanently.

Inverted nipple correction is a very straightforward procedure and there is no need for any woman to endure this condition.

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple reduction surgery can be performed alone, or in conjunction with breast augmentationbreast lift or breast reduction.

Nipple reduction surgery most often simply reduces the size of the nipple, but it can also include reshaping it to achieve better proportions if necessary.

Correcting Inverted Nipples

Nipple inversion occurs when the nipple is pulled towards the inside of the breast instead of protruding normally. It can occur on one or both breasts and can be very embarrassing, particularly when wearing thin summer clothing or swimwear. It is the most common abnormality of the nipple.

Surgery to correct inverted nipples is very straightforward and there is no need for any woman to endure this condition.

Breast-feeding is not possible after surgery to correct inverted nipples.

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Nipple Surgery Photos

Inverted nipples and nipple reduction surgery in detail

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Patient journey

The operation

The procedure used for a nipple reduction depends to a degree upon the anatomy of the nipple enlargement and the amount of nipple reduction desired by the patient. There are many methods used by various doctors, including removal of just the top of the nipple, which is then closed with tiny incisions.

Possible risks & complications

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Just as with any form of cosmetic surgery, there are certain risks associated with Nipple Reduction surgery. Some of these include:

Nipple & Areolae Reduction Surgery

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