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Nipple Reduction Surgery

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Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipples can often become enlarged due to hormonal changes, genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight gain. Enlarged nipples may be long and extend over the nipple crease, or a combination of long and wide, and result in discomfort and the inability to comfortably wear certain clothing for fear of exposing the nipples. Nipple reduction surgery can be performed in men as well as women.

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    Information about Nipple Reduction Surgery

    There are a number of different approaches to Nipple Reduction Surgery.

    Dr Konrat will evaluate your personal situation to help you determine the best procedure option for you. She will check your general breast and nipple health as part of your consultation to determine if Nipple Reduction Surgery is the right option for you.

    Dr Konrat performs Nipple Correction Surgery as a stand-alone procedure due to bacteria released from the ducts and nipples during the procedure. For patients wishing to have a breast lift, reduction or breast implants, the nipple reduction is addressed first to reduce the risks of infection.

    Nipple & Areolae Reduction Surgery

    $ price upon consultation *

    You will be provided with an accurate quote during your consultation, so you can be assured that you will be receiving a treatment specifically tailored to your individual needs. We try at all times to keep all our procedures within an acceptable and ethical cost estimate allowing patients the opportunity to make personal life changes they need or desire.

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    It is critical that you are fully informed about the procedures: the information on this website has been written and is regularly updated by Dr. Konrat. However, you should never make a decision by reading a web page alone, no matter how comprehensive the information is. We encourage you to book a personal consultation with Dr. Konrat, where she will assess you, explain the procedure and your options in detail and help you to understand all the options as well as the risks and complications of Nipple Reduction Surgery.

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    Please note the important facts below:

    1. A GP referral is required to book your consultation.
    2. Two consultations are required. There is no extra fee for the second consultation. One of the consultations is required to be in person with the Doctor performing your procedure. One of the consultations may be conducted via telehealth via FaceTime or zoom.

    Please note that a 7 day cooling off period is required following the second consultation prior to booking a surgery date.

    It is critical that you are fully informed about the surgical procedure you are considering. An in-depth consultation and examination informs you of the options as well as the risks and complications of your surgery.

    Dr Konrat and her team aim to provide every patient with the highest standard of care from their first phone call through to the final post operative visit.

    Results, risks, recovery from surgery and healing vary between individual patients and are dependent on factors including, but not limited to genetics, diet, exercise, co-operating with post operative appointments and care.

    Nipple reduction surgery is suitable for both males or females who are looking to reduce the size of their nipples due to asymmetry, discomfort or concerns about visibility in certain types of clothing.  

    When compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures, Nipple Reduction Surgery is a relatively straightforward process. Nonetheless, as with all surgical procedures, it’s important to be certain you are fully aware of the risks before moving forward with the procedure. Find out more by reading our ‘what to expect’ guide below and make an appointment to discuss your needs with Dr Konrat today.

    Nipple Reduction Surgery in Detail

    The operation

    The procedure used for a nipple reduction depends to a degree upon the anatomy of the nipple enlargement and the amount of nipple reduction planned by the patient. There are many methods used by various doctors, including the removal of just the top of the nipple, which is then closed with tiny incisions.

    Nipple surgery often involves making small incisions in the nipple to remove excess tissue. In most cases, local anaesthesia is used to numb the area when performing the procedure. Nipple correction surgery may also involve removing a cylinder of skin around the neck of the nipple, then pushing the nipple back into the breast tissue and suturing the skin closed. Sensation is almost always normal following nipple reduction surgery, and the ability to breastfeed can usually be easily preserved.

    Before making a decision to proceed with surgery, please review our Consent for Surgery form about this surgery.

    Surgery Consent Form


    Patients may return to work or light exercise 24 hours following their nipple reduction. Showers are permitted the following day as the dressings used are water resistant. The sutures or stitches may be dissolvable, but if permanent stitches are used, the patient will be required to return to the clinic 10-14 days after the nipple reduction to have the stitches removed. Waterproof dressings are applied to keep the wounds dry and clean. The swelling and pain are minimal, and results are almost instantaneous and very natural in appearance, with nipples that will generally return to normal sensation.

    You should never make a decision by reading a web page alone, no matter how comprehensive the information is. We encourage you to book a personal consultation with Dr Konrat, where she will assess you, explain the procedure in detail and help you to understand all the options as well as the risks and complications of surgery in general and Nipple Reduction Surgery in particular.

    While Nipple Reduction Surgery is considered a straightforward procedure, as with any form of cosmetic surgery, there are certain risks that patients need to know prior to having any surgery. Some of these include


    There may be some minor bleeding following Nipple Reduction Surgery. Bleeding will usually subside on its own. If bruising or bleeding becomes extensive we recommend getting in touch with Dr Konrat for assessment.


    While infection is rare with nipple correction surgery, infections can occur after any surgical procedure. If minor infections do occur, they can slow the rate of healing. Following your Nipple Reduction aftercare instructions carefully, will help to reduce the risk of infection.


    The possibility of scarring is another risk associated with nipple correction surgery.  Most patients find it difficult to detect their scar 3 months following their procedure. The scar will mostly be hidden in the natural creases of the nipple, will routinely improve over time, and be well camouflaged. The severity of scarring will vary from patient to patient, in many cases the scar will fade to be almost invisible, while in others it may be more noticeable.


    The tissues in the nipple are delicate, and minor swelling may persist for some weeks. This is not unusual and will heal well in time.

    Asymmetrical results

    With Nipple Reduction Surgery, there is a small risk that the nipples may not match in size or shape following the surgery.

    Loss of ability to breastfeed

    Following Nipple Reduction Surgery, breast feeding may no longer be possible. If breast feeding is important to you, Dr Konrat recommends waiting until your family is completed before proceeding with nipple surgery.

    Loss of sensation

    Whilst rare, sensation loss can occur in the weeks following nipple correction surgery and will usually return to the nipple within 3 to 6 months after surgery.

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      * Advice to patients: It is important to have full informed consent prior to having any procedure or surgery. Individual results vary. All surgery carries risks & we recommend  seeking a second opinion before proceeding with surgery.

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