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You may know labiaplasty surgery by a range of other names: labia reduction, labia minora surgery, labia reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, vagina reduction, vaginoplasty, vagina surgery or even ‘designer vagina’.

At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Georgina Konrat has developed her own unique DOVE Labiaplasty procedure to reduce, reshape and re-contour the most intimate and private parts of a women’s body.

Dr Georgina Konrat - Brisbane Cosmetic Surgeon | Featured image on breast implant removal service page.

Dr Georgina Konrat

BSc BSc (Hons) MBBS FACCS Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Konrat’s procedure, the DOVE technique is different to Labiaplasty surgery in every way. The DOVE technique is SAFE. Patients can be confident in achieving both an excellent aesthetic and functional outcome.

DOVE Labiaplasty

Why Choose the DOVE technique instead of labiaplasty surgery?

The DOVE Laser Labia Reduction is a revolutionary development in Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery and procedures. This procedure uses Lasers to re-surface and contract the tissues to the desired size and shape. There is no CUTTING or EXCISION of any tissues.

The laser procedure safely removes only the external epithelium or skin cells, ensuring the blood vessels and nerves just under this layer are preserved. This procedure has the lowest recorded risks and post operative complication rate and has the highest safety profile of any other similar procedure in the world.

DOVE Labiaplasty (DOVE procedure) Cost

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