Eyelid Surgery Before and After Gallery

Our eyelid surgery before and after photos in our gallery below serve to showcase the different potential outcomes for eyelid surgery at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic.

Eyelid surgery or ‘blepharoplasty’ is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to revitalise your eyes and give you back that ‘wide-open’ youthful appearance.

As we age our eyelid skin often stretches and becomes wrinkled; The excess eyelid skin can make our eyes look tired and is one of the first signs of aging. As the focal point of our faces, younger-looking eyes can return the impression of energy and positivity that is often associated with youthfulness.

At our clinic, eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure and is performed under local anaesthetic; Patients will be able to see the full results of their eyelid surgery after three to six weeks.

View our eyelid surgery gallery below to see the possible eyelid surgery before and after outcomes that a blepharoplasty surgery can have for you.

Note that while the risks of eyelid surgery are rare and only occur in 1 out of 10,000 people, results can vary from patient to patient and as with all surgical procedures, the potential risks need to be carefully considered prior to surgery. 

Please visit our dedicated eyelid surgery page for more information on blepharoplasty surgery or to book a consultation with Dr. Georgina Konrat and the team.

We would like to thank all of our patients who have consented to have their eyelid surgery before after photos shown in our eyelid surgery gallery below, which continues to help many patients considering eyelid surgery.

Please be advised: The eyelid surgery gallery below is medical in nature and contains eyelid surgery before and after photos showcasing possible outcomes and is intended to act as an educational tool for patients interested in eyelid surgery.

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