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Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Surgery

Dr. Konrat operates in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.

Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Surgery

Age, pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight changes can all lead to loss of volume and loss of integrity in the skin of the breasts resulting in breasts that appear empty, and that sit lower on the chest than desired.

Mastopexy or Breast Lift Surgery lifts the breasts so that they sit higher on the chest and also tighten the breast removing excess skin. The procedure mostly performed by Dr Konrat is the Le Jour breast lift, commonly known as a mastopexy procedure / breast lift with a “lollipop” scar. This more modern surgery technique ensures improved breast shape, projection, reduced scarring, and longer lasting results.

Your consultation with Dr Konrat is designed to provide you with detailed information about the options and alternatives possible, and the risks and complications of surgery. Dr Konrat uses her experience to give appropriate recommendations for your individual circumstances. Her focus is always to achieve the most natural result possible.

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Dr Georgina Konrat

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Surgical Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine (FACCSM)
Registered Medical Practitioner: (MED0001407863)
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    A Mastopexy or Breast Lift surgery can lift the breasts by tightening excess loose breast skin and raising the breast higher on the chest wall.

    This can also improve fullness as well as projection of the breast. Mastopexy or Breast Lift surgery may be combined with Breast Implants (Breast Lift and Augmentation), a Breast Reduction and may also include Liposuction of the front of the armpits and along the bra strap areas for desired results.

    When you come for your consultation, Dr Konrat uses her experience to give appropriate recommendations, options and alternatives for your individual circumstances. Our focus is always to give you as natural a breast lift result as possible

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    It is critical that you are fully informed about the procedures: the information on this website has been written and is regularly updated by Dr. Konrat. However, you should never make a decision by reading a web page alone, no matter how comprehensive the information is. We encourage you to book a personal consultation with Dr. Konrat, where she will assess you, explain the procedure and your options in detail and help you to understand all the options as well as the risks and complications of Mastopexy Surgery.

    If you feel ready to book a consultation with Dr Georgina Konrat, please click on the “Book Now” button at the top of the page.

    Please note the important facts below:

    1. A GP referral is required to book your consultation.
    2. Two consultations are required. There is no extra fee for the second consultation. One of the consultations is required to be in person with the Doctor performing your procedure. One of the consultations may be conducted via telehealth via FaceTime or zoom.

    Please note that a 7 day cooling off period is required following the second consultation prior to booking a surgery date.

    It is critical that you are fully informed about the surgical procedure you are considering. An in-depth consultation and examination informs you of the options as well as the risks and complications of your surgery.

    Dr Konrat and her team aim to provide every patient with the highest standard of care from their first phone call through to the final post operative visit.

    Results, risks, recovery from surgery and healing vary between individual patients and are dependent on factors including, but not limited to genetics, diet, exercise, co-operating with post operative appointments and care.

    Restoring your breasts to a more full and lifted shape can become reality, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Georgina Konrat, one of a very few fully qualified and experienced female Cosmetic surgeons in Queensland. Dr. Konrat has made a particular study of remedial breast surgery.

    A Mastopexy procedure, Breast Lift (or commonly known as a boob lift) is an operation designed to treat Ptosis (‘droop’) of the breast by moving the nipple-areola complex to their normal position and tightening the skin and breast tissue to improve the shape and projection of the breasts. The nipple is never cut off or removed in this operation.

    Ptosis, or breast droop, is a normal aging process and is a result of many factors, including the impact of post-pregnancy and breast-feeding, or the results of weight loss.  The normal anatomical position of the nipple is in line with the fold under the breast (when looking at oneself side-on in the mirror) or at the midpoint of the upper arm.

    A number of different surgical procedures are used to improve breast ptosis, and the scars vary according to the technique required.  Dr Konrat will describe these and make her recommendation at your consultation.

    The scars will vary according to the technique involved:

    There will always be a scar either partially or completely around the nipple;

    There may also be a scar that runs from the central point of the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) to the fold beneath the breast; “lollipop scar”.

    Depending on the surgical procedure needed, there may also be a scar in the fold beneath the breast.

    The scars are pink to start with and gradually fade over time. How well the scars heal, and the quality of the final scars, depends on numerous factors, such as how well your skin generally heals, or whether you are prone to hypertrophic or keloid (thickening) scars.

    Any unnecessary tension or pulling on the scars can widen and thicken the scars, so post-operative care is critically important for the best quality of the scars, long-term.

    Your ability to breast-feed may be affected by Breast Lift surgery, but mammograms, ultrasounds and self-examination are not affected.

    It is worth noting that Mastopexy / Breast Lift surgery, like Breast Reduction Surgery or a combined Breast Reduction and Lift, can take six to twelve months to reach its final shape so you can appreciate the permanent change in your appearance. More recent techniques have enabled us to have fewer scars.

    If breast implants are required following mastopexy / breast lift surgery, a wait time of approximately 10 weeks is needed before the implants may be placed as Dr Konrat performs the breast lift and implants procedure as a staged operation. The reasons for this are important and are to ensure the best possible outcome for the surgery and for patient safety and the longevity of the final results.

    It is critical that you are fully informed about all the aspects of a Mastopexy procedure (also known as a breast lift or ‘boob lift’). The information on this website has been written and is regularly updated by Dr Konrat. It was designed to provide as complete an informative experience as possible, but it does not take the place of a personal consultation.

    You should never make a decision by reading a web page alone, no matter how comprehensive the information is. We encourage you to book a personal consultation with Dr. Konrat, where she will assess you, explain every aspect of our Mastopexy procedure (breast lift) in detail and help you to understand all the options as well as the risks and complications of surgery in general and breast surgery in particular. Several different procedures can be completed by Dr Konrat, the suitability of which will be uncovered during your consultation stage. Procedures can include Mastopexy / Breast Lift and Implants Brisbane, Mastopexy / Breast Lift and Augmentation (Breast Lift with Implants), or a Reduction Mammaplasty / Breast Reduction and Lift / Mastopexy.

    An in-depth consultation (approximately one hour) with Dr Georgina Konrat.

    Dr Konrat will ask important questions about you and your health (your medical history). She will examine your breasts, take photographs to aid in the diagnosis of your concerns, and help plan the appropriate surgical procedure is that is found to be the best option.

    You will be given an information kit to take home. We understand that you may not remember or understand everything you hear in the consultation, so we encourage you to make notes as soon as possible after the consultation, and call or email Dr Konrat with any concerns or questions you may have about the surgery.

    At least one week prior to your Mastopexy procedure, blood tests will be taken and pre-operative mammogram/Ultrasound screening is recommended.

    Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fish, fruit and salads.
    Commence taking Vitamins C and D, Zinc and Selenium.

    Before making a decision to proceed with surgery, please review our Consent for Surgery form about this surgery.

    Surgery Consent Form


    Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs ten days before and ten days after your operation. These medicines can thin your blood and aggravate bruising or bleeding unless otherwise advised by your Doctor.

    You must discuss your use of any ‘leisure drugs’ with Dr Konrat at the time of your consultation, as these could also have an impact on the success of the surgery.

    If you are a smoker, you must cease smoking for at least two weeks before and one month after your surgery.

    The Operation

    Mastopexy / Breast Lift surgery is performed in a licensed and accredited Day Surgery Hospital under general anæsthesia.

    Dr. Konrat will make marks/drawings on your skin prior to the surgery to use as guides during the surgery.

    The procedure usually takes between two and three hours.

    The surgical technique is complicated: every woman’s procedure will be slightly different depending on her breasts prior to the surgery and what she is hoping to achieve. Dr. Konrat makes incisions as agreed during your consultation.


    At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, our Mastopexy / Breast Lift Surgery or Breast Lift with Implants Surgery are both performed in a licensed and accredited Day Surgery Hospital under general anæsthesia.

    After a short recovery period, usually about two hours, you can go home. It is a legal requirement for you to have a relative or friend drive you home from the hospital, and it is best that you are not alone at home for the first 24 hours after surgery.

    Some patients will be wearing a special support garment; others may be advised to wear no bra support for the first 2 -3 weeks. Dr. Konrat will advise the appropriate course of action for you.

    You are likely to feel drowsy or even sleepy after the anæsthetic, and you should rest for two hours when you get home.

    After waking, you should eat lightly and drink to replenish your body fluids. You may go to the bathroom with assistance as needed.

    If you feel fine, light activity will not harm you.

    If you have some discomfort, you will find that placing well-padded ice bags over your breasts may relieve discomfort significantly.

    You may have drains in place. One drain may be placed in each breast at the time of surgery. If fluid accumulates during or after surgery, drains are used to promote fluid evacuation and speed healing. When drains are inserted, the bulb at the end of each tube is compressed to create gentle suction. You will be given a demonstration of drain care in the recovery room if you have drains.

    Day One Post-surgery:

    You may experience dizziness or light-headedness, shakes or tremors, breast tenderness, discomfort or a feeling of bruising. You might feel nauseous, tired and very sleepy;

    You should rest as much as you need and keep up fluids and healthy meals. Take the antibiotics that have been prescribed, along with the pain medication as prescribed and directed by Dr. Konrat. Do not drive while taking pain medication.

    You should not shower until advised. Sponge bath keeping all dressings dry.

    The practice nurse will call to check on your progress. If drains are in place, you may be required to attend Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic’s rooms for an inspection of your drains and dressings.

    Day Two Post-surgery:

    You should expect some bruising, swelling, tenderness and soreness.
    Sponge bath until advised.
    Continue pain medications and antibiotics as prescribed.
    Light activity is recommended to reduce the risk of leg vein clots (deep vein thrombosis).
    Wash your support garment daily if necessary and when dry put it back on.


    Antibiotics: (1 tablet 3 times per day) or as prescribed. If you are allergic to any specific antibiotics, another antibiotic will be prescribed.

    For pain: Take your anti-inflammatory, pain medications as prescribed.
    Vitamin C: 1000 mg per day.
    Zinc: 1 tablet per day.
    For bruising: Arnica: 4 tablets under the tongue, 3 times per day.

    You must avoid: Aspirin for 1 week, strong coffee, alcohol, smoking (for one month after the procedure).

    Most patients report mild to moderate discomfort that is well managed by a combination of over-the-counter pain relief medications.

    Herbal Remedies: Some patients report that arnica contributes to a reduction in bruising and swelling, resulting in reduced discomfort and oedema, and improved healing. Take arnica orally according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging.

    You must call at any time if you have:

    • Severe pain not responding to pain medication;
    • More swelling and/or pain on one side than the other;
    • Drains that fill rapidly and have to be emptied more frequently than twice a day.

    Days Seven to Ten

    A visit to Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic to see the clinic nurse will be scheduled during this time.

    All dressings are left in place until this visit, unless otherwise notified. Some sutures may need to be removed, and all dressings and tapes will be changed at this visit. You will be given surgical tapes, which will be changed every week for the next six weeks.

    Lymphatic drainage massage is highly recommended during the first three weeks following surgery, and you will be shown how to do this.

    You do not need to sleep sitting up or lying on your back. Right from the first night, you are encouraged to sleep naturally, turning from side to side as normal. This helps the lymphatic system and veins drain away any swelling and bruising. However, you should not sleep on your stomach for at least four weeks.


    You can remove any support garment or surgical bra for showering.

    You should not bath or swim (i.e. be submerged in water) for 6 weeks after surgery.

    Activity Restrictions following your Mastopexy Surgery Post operative instructions:

    Do not carry heavy weights, bags or packages for two weeks, and you should refrain from any other physical activities that cause pain in the surgery area.

    You may not be able to drive for 48 hours, although every patient recovers at a different pace. Dr Konrat’s recommendation to patients is that they should not drive until they are recovered sufficiently that if they were driving and had a car accident, they could truthfully state that they did not suffer diminished capacity due to recent breast surgery. You must make sure you are recovered enough to drive safely before you get behind the wheel.

    It is never safe to drive while taking oral pain medication containing codeine.

    Week Six:

    Post-operative check-up. You will commence wearing a supportive bra, or will change from the surgical bra to a normal bra.

    Month Six:

    Post-operative check-up. If you have questions or feel you need a consultation prior to this, you will be welcomed.

    We want you to have a speedy and uncomplicated recovery from your Breast Lift (Mastopexy) surgery.

    If you are not sure about anything, or have concerns, please contact us sooner rather than later. NEVER TAKE CHANCES!

    Do not hesitate to phone us at the clinic on 07 3391 5710 for advice at any time during your recovery.

    Risks Specific To Breast Lift Surgery / Mastopexy


    Antibiotics are prescribed at the time of surgery and for one week post-operatively;

    Further surgery may be required to improve scars if severe infection occurs;

    Tissue Necrosis or tissue breakdown has been reported following the use of steroid drugs, chemotherapy, radiation to breast tissue, smoking, and excessive heat or cold therapy. Occasionally, it can occur without any identifiable cause, but this is very rare.


    Bleeding with collection of blood and bruising (hæmatoma) can occur;

    Further surgery to stop the bleeding may be required. However, returning to the operating theatre for this is very rare.

    Changes in Nipple and Skin Sensation

    Some change in, or loss of nipple sensation immediately after surgery is not unusual.

    It may take 9 to 12 months for full sensation to return.

    Occasionally, partial or permanent loss of nipple and skin sensation, or hypersensitivity may occur in one or both breasts.

    Changes in sensation may affect sexual response, or the ability to feed a baby.

    Nipple Loss/Nipple Necrosis

    This is the worst complication of this type of surgery, and is most common is very large breasts, or in smokers or diabetics.

    If the nipple blood supply appears to be threatened at the time of surgery, conversion to free nipple graft may be necessary. This will be explained at the time of your initial consultation with Dr Konrat.

    Scarring and ‘Dog Ears’

    ‘Dog Ears’ are puckers or small ‘pleats’ at each end or one end of a scar. If these are bothersome or appear unattractive, they can be excised so their appearance is flatter and smoother. This is usually performed in the clinic under local anaesthetic.

    This may need further surgery to correct, usually after 8-12 weeks.

    Permanent Scarring

    Scars around the nipple, from the areola to the fold at the base of the breast and sometimes in the fold below the breast, are permanent.

    The degree of scarring varies according to many factors. Dr Konrat can discuss this with you at your initial consultation.

    Breast Asymmetry

    Your breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical in size and shape after surgery.

    Nipple height may not be matched perfectly, as it is difficult to remove a considerable portion of breast tissue and match the nipple positions with the patient in a horizontal position.

    All care is taken to ensure that nipple position and breast size and shape are as symmetrical as possible.


    Because surgery is such a vital part of modern medicine, there is a tendency to forget that there are risks associated with every type of surgery. While these risks are small, every person undergoing surgery should be aware of the risks.


    All internal and external wounds need time to heal after surgery. Sutures and other material are used to hold wounds closed while they heal.


    Despite taking precautions, infections can occur during and just after surgery. These may be general, such as pneumonia, or specific to Mastopexy / Breast Surgery.

    Pulmonary Risks

    Patients have a risk of forming a blood clot in the leg (deep vein thrombosis) that breaks off and gets stuck in the lung circulation (pulmonary embolism). This is minimised by the wearing of surgical ‘stockings’ during the surgery, and by getting the patient out of bed as soon as possible.

    You will also be encouraged to breathe deeply when you wake up from the anæsthetic, as this expands your lungs and helps ensure your blood oxygen levels are good. Walking around the house when you get home from Hospital and exercising your legs gently reduces your risk of developing a DVT.

    Risks of Anæsthesia

    Dr Konrat will take a full medical history, and will order a number of tests prior to surgery. She will also make lifestyle recommendations to ensure your health is optimal before the surgery.

    Mental Health Disorders and Elective Surgery

    It is important that all patients seeking to undergo elective surgery have realistic expectations that focus on improvement rather than perfection.

    Complications or less than satisfactory results are sometimes unavoidable; they may require additional surgery, and can be stressful.

    Please discuss openly with Dr Konrat in your consultation prior to surgery, any history of emotional depression or mental health disorders. If you are unsure whether a matter is relevant, please mention it anyway. Although many individuals may benefit psychologically from the results of elective cosmetic surgery, the effects on mental health can never be predicted, and could possibly have a negative influence on emotional stability.

    Breast Lift / Mastopexy Brisbane Surgery

    $ breast lift cost priced upon consultation *

    You will be provided with an accurate quote during your consultation, so you can be assured that you will be receiving a treatment specifically tailored to your individual needs. We try at all times to keep our breast lift cost within an acceptable and ethical estimate allowing patients the opportunity to make personal life changes they need or desire.

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