Breast Augmentation Before and After Gallery

Our breast augmentation before and after gallery showcases the different outcomes possible at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic.

Breast augmentation otherwise known as breast implants is Australian’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure and can leave you feeling better about your appearance and can greatly increase one’s self-confidence.

Breast augmentation is more than simply increasing breast size; Every patient is different and there are several aspects apart from size, such as shape, chest and breast dimensions, skin quality, nipple position, position of the breast crease or fold and the amount of breast tissue that is present to cover the implant, which are all taken into account when determining what type of breast augmentation will work best for you.

Note that surgery results can vary from patient to patient and as with all invasive surgery procedures there are risks that need to be considered.

Please visit our dedicated procedure page for breast implants to get information on breast augmentation or to book a consultation.

All of our surgeries featured on our “breast implants before and after” gallery have been performed by Dr. Georgina Konrat. Dr. Georgina Konrat has dedicated her career to ensuring all patients are ‘people’ first and that the specific needs in relation to the context of patient’s lives are taken into account for every surgery. At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic it is our philosophy to ensure that the most up to date information and the latest techniques are provided so that patients can make an informed choice on all procedures while ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality.

We would like to give thanks to all our patients who have consented to having their breast implants before and after photos shown in our breast augmentation gallery which continue to help many patients considering breast augmentation surgery.

Please be advised: The images contained in the breast augmentation gallery below contain graphic medical images of breast augmentation before and after outcomes and are intended to act as an educational tool for patients interested in breast augmentation and some of the achievable outcomes.

23 yrs A cup with minor asymmetry ERSF – 315Q (round, full volume)

24 yrs minor volume loss upper poles, C cup CPG 322-330 CC (anatomical moderate profile)

33 yrs A cup, minor asymmetry CPG 332-305 cc (anatomical moderate profile)

31 yrs Pectus excavatum, moderate asymmetry Right ERSD-285 cc Left ERSD – 300 cc (round low profile)

47 yrs small A cup with minor asymmetry upper pole volume loss post breast feeding CPG 323-300 (anatomical moderate profile)

32 yrs Volume loss upper pole post breast feeding CPG 323-345 cc (anatomical high profile)

34 yrs major asymmetry right breast twice size of the left grade 1 ptosis Right CPG 321-245 cc Left CPG 312-330 cc (anatomical implants of different sizes and profiles to correct asymmetry and volume size difference)

34 yrs minor asymmetry B cup breasts CPG 323-390 left and right breasts (anatomical high profile)

23 yrs A cup breasts Minor asymmetry CPG 323-390 cc both left and right breasts (anatomical high profile)

38 yrs Pseudoptosis C cup breasts Loss of upper pole volume subsequent to pregnancy and breast feeding CPG 322-330 cc (anatomical moderate profile)

58yrs transgender ERSF 500 cc (round full profile)

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