Labiaplasty Surgery

Personal surgery for women: by a Female Cosmetic Surgeon and an All -Female surgical team.

Dr Georgina Konrat has developed her own unique procedures to re-size, re-shape and re-contour the most intimate and private parts of a women’s body. These are the Labia (the inner and outer lips), the Mons Pubis, and the vagina.

You may know Labiaplasty by a range of other names: labia reduction, labia minora surgery, labia reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, vagina reduction, vaginoplasty, vagina surgery or even ‘designer vagina’.

Why Choose the DOVE Technique for your Labiaplasty surgery?

The DOVE technique is a revolutionary development in Labia plasty surgery. It works to avoid a number of the risks of damage to the labia that have been experienced by traditional surgical methods.

What did we do in the past?

Prior to the development of the DOVE technique, there were two main types of Labioplasty surgery:

  • The Trim Method; and
  • The Wedge Technique.

Problem outcomes of past Labiaplasty techniques

Complications of the Trim Method

The Trim method uses longitudinal trimming of the edges of the labia minora with oversewing of the labial edge. This is an excellent technique as only a tiny amount of tissue is required to be removed to improve symmetry. However, there are both aesthetic and functional problems that may arise as a result of this technique:

Patient 1: Trim Method

With the Trim Method, there is a risk that too much tissue might be removed.

Patient 2: Trim Method

With the Trim method, it is not possible to address the problem of excess clitoral hood skin. This means that while there will be an improvement in the appearance of the labia minora, the clitoris can actually have a more prominent and abnormal appearance.

Patient 3: Trim Method

There may also be scarring of the labial edge, which has a scalloped unnatural appearance.

Complications of the Wedge Technique

The Wedge Technique requires a full thickness wedge of tissue to be removed from the labia minora. There is the potential for a range of problems to occur with this method.

The tissues of the labia minora are thin and delicate and wedge excision (cutting a triangle of tissue from each of the labia and sewing together the edges) may result in the formation of a thick scar, which can be very uncomfortable.

The scar can also fail to heal well, and can even result in holes in the labia (as seen below).

Hole in Labia 1/3

Hole in Labia 2/3

Hole in Labia 3/3

Failed Resection

Sometimes, there can be a complete failure of the two edges of the labia minora to heal together. This can result in significant discomfort and an unnatural appearance (above right).

How is the DOVE Technique of Labiaplasty surgery different?

The Dove Technique uses Radio-frequency and Laser to remove the external skin cells only. This ensures that the sub-epithelial plexus of blood vessels (the blood vessels just under the surface of the skin), the delicate interstitial tissues (the labial tissues just beneath the skin cells) and the nerves of the area are preserved.

The DOVE Labiaplasty Technique has been designed to ensure that these interstitial tissues remain intact, instead of being cut through completely. This means that the remaining tissues can be stitched more securely into position and the area can heal without many of the possible complications seen with the other techniques.

Dr Georgina Konrat

BSc BSc (Hons) MBBS FACCS Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic Medicine


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Information about labiaplasty surgery


Personal surgery for women by a female Cosmetic Surgeon and an all female operating theatre team.

Dr Georgina Konrat has developed her own unique procedures to re-size, re-shape and re-contour the most intimate and private parts of a women’s body to give a very natural and pleasing appearance. These are the Labia (the inner and outer lips), the Mons Pubis, and the vagina.

Patient journey for labiaplasty surgery


In-depth consultation with Dr Georgina Konrat, including an examination and a discussion of your desired outcome in a confidential relaxed atmosphere. Dr Konrat will explain the procedures in detail. We understand that you may not remember or understand everything you hear in your consultation, so we encourage you to take notes to review at home, and to call or email Dr Konrat with any questions or concerns you may have about your intended surgery.

Important things you should know about labiaplasty surgery

Risks Specific to Labiaplasty Surgery & Laser Procedures


This is rare: taking the prescribed antibiotics usually prevents any infection from developing. However, minor infection can possibly occur and can affect the rate of healing. If this happens, some small areas may take a little longer to heal than others. This is an area where a large number of bacteria and other organisms normally live every day. Their environment is disturbed following surgery and Laser procedures and sometimes very minor infection occurs which is why taking the prescribed antibiotics is so important.

Labiaplasty Surgery

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