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Why Choose the DOVE Technique Instead of Labiaplasty Surgery?

Wondering ‘why choose the DOVE technique?’ Labiaplasty surgery or ‘designer vagina’ is an operation that aims to reduce the size and recontour the entire labia minora and sometimes, the clitoral hood.  Those who opt for the procedure may do so because they feel self conscious about the size or shape of the labia, or because they experience discomfort. This may be something a patient has experienced their entire life or due to natural aging or childbirth, as the latter can cause the labia to naturally lengthen. Many women who experience discomfort or feeling of embarrassment report that their lives are severely impacted, whether it’s being unable to wear certain clothes or feeling self conscious in front of sexual partners. Though there’s no reason to feel embarrassed (vaginas come in all shapes and sizes!) labiaplasty offers a solution that can positively impact women’s psychological or physical wellbeing.

If you’re researching labiaplasty, it’s worth noting that there are a few ways the procedure can be done. At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a procedure called ‘The DOVE Technique’ which is a less invasive solution to the traditional methods. Below, we talk about the common surgical procedures and the pros of DOVE labiaplasty.

Why choose the DOVE technique: Trim vs Wedge vs DOVE  labiaplasty.

Trim method

The most common form of labiaplasty, a trim labiaplasty involves trimming the excess part of the labia minora. The surgeon will remove the edge of the labia in a long piece and leave a scar on the outer edge of the labia.  This removal technique is popular with women who wish to remove the dark parts of their labia, as the wedge technique cannot do this. However, this method does come with a few risks, with the most common being a risk of scarring or too much tissue being removed which increases sensitivity. There’s also a chance that it can make the labia look artificial if performed by an inexperienced surgeon. The trim method also can’t minimise the skin around the clitoral hood, if that’s something a patient is concerned about.

Wedge method

The wedge method is a new technique that involves removing tissue from the centre of the labia and stitching the detached sides together. This preserves the natural shape of the labia better as the outer borders of the labia are left completely untouched. The scar can also be hidden in the inner regions of the labia, which makes it less visible than the trim method. If done by an experienced surgeon, the wedge method can give beautiful, natural results with scars that are completely undetectable. Like any surgery, the biggest possible risk to wedge labiaplasty is the possibility of thick scarring which can make the patient feel very uncomfortable.

The DOVE technique

The DOVE Labiaplasty surgery offers a more comprehensive way to reduce the size and shape of the labia. Unlike the trim and wedge method, the DOVE labiaplasty surgery is completely different resulting in a completely natural appearance. DOVE labiaplasty is seen as a favourable procedure for patients as there’s less trauma to the labia tissue than traditional labiaplasty methods. This means there’s less inflammation and scarring and eliminates the side effects and complications seen with many of the other types of techniques. If you feel a bit nervous about having labiaplasty, the DOVE labiaplasty surgery offers a gentler solution.

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We hope we’ve given you some more information on ‘Why choose the DOVE technique.’ If you’re thinking about getting labiaplasty and would like to know more about what’s involved in DOVE Labiaplasty, Dr Georgina Konrat would be more than happy to answer your questions. You can contact us online or call on (07) 3391 5710 and a member of our friendly team will get in touch soon.

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