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What to Expect After Breast Augmentation?

Having a breast augmentation is an exciting procedure, but it can also leave some patients feeling a little bit nervous about what to expect. This may include wondering how to mentally prepare yourself for the procedure, how much pain and discomfort is involved or how soon the swelling will go down. To help you plan for your surgery, we’ve put together a guide on what to expect after breast augmentation and the things you should avoid doing to ensure a safe and steady recovery.

What to expect after breast augmentation

Immediately after surgery

After your surgery has been performed, you’ll wake up feeling slightly groggy from the anaesthesia and a little achy around the chest area. Dr Konrat does not place breast implants under the muscle so there is no extreme post operative pain and the early stage of recover from surgery is much faster.

A few hours after surgery

By this time, your anaesthesia will likely have worn off and you’ll be getting some of your energy back. At this point, you’ll be discharged from the hospital where a responsible adult will drive you home. There are no bandages or tight compression bands or garments.  There should be no bleeding and only slight discomfort. It is extremely rare, but if there appears to be a lot of bleeding or bruising with pain swelling and tightness, this is a sign to contact your surgeon immediately.

A few days after surgery

During the first few days after surgery there should be minimal discomfort, and your doctor will likely prescribe you some pain medication to ensure you are comfortable. At this stage, proper aftercare is crucial to ensuring your breasts recover well and don’t incur any infection. If you have draining tubes attached to your breasts, they’ll likely be removed after three days.

A few weeks after surgery

After your first week, you’ll be able to start getting back into your usual routine and should be able to return to work as long as it’s not too physically demanding. This is also when you’ll have a follow up appointment with your surgeon to see how your body is healing. At the four-week mark, you’ll likely feel back to normal and can usually start to incorporate some light exercise into your routine.

It’s worth noting that breast implants can take months to settle and may look and feel a bit strange. Remember, it’ll take some time for your natural tissue to expand and the swelling to go down, so you may not see the real results for up to six months post-surgery.

What to expect after breast augmentation: Dos and don’ts

Do stay away from exercise for at least four weeks

Aside from walking, all exercise should be avoided for at least four weeks after surgery – especially anything involving any heavy lifting. Doing so can jeopardise your surgery results and cause your breast implants to shift. Any exercise that overworks your pectoral muscle can seriously impact your body’s natural healing process, so it’s important to take it easy while your body is still getting used to implants. Be sure to ask your surgeon for an estimated time frame and light exercise they may recommend during recovery.

Don’t sleep on your stomach or sitting up

Though this may not be the most comfortable option for stomach sleepers, you’ll want to avoid any activity that places pressure on your breasts. Luckily, if you are a stomach sleeper, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to avoid sleeping on your stomach as your breasts will be too tender to withstand any pressure. It’s typically advised that you sleep on your back or on your side for at least four weeks after the procedure, as sleeping on your stomach can alter the appearance of your breasts.

Do follow your surgeon’s guidelines

Keeping your wounds clean and well looked after is crucial in the first few weeks of healing, which is why it’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions. You’ll likely have your dressings removed in after one week, which is when your surgeon will take a look at how you’re healing. During the recovery stage, you’ll likely be advised to say clear of high-intensity exercise, baths, swimming, saunas and spas and constricting bras as well as advice on proper aftercare.

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