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What are Anti Wrinkle Injections

What are anti wrinkle injections?

You may have heard about the popular cosmetic treatment, but what are anti wrinkle injections and how exactly do they work?

Anti wrinkle injections, or ‘line tamers, as we call them at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic are made up of a purified protein that, when injected into wrinkle making muscles relaxes the muscles. Think of the face like a sheet of paper – if you scrunch the paper up enough times it starts to become wrinkled. After years of making expressions, the skin on our face gradually begins to form wrinkles that deepen in time. Anti wrinkle injections temporarily block the nerve signals to those muscles, resulting in a smoother, more youthful, relaxed appearance.

When done correctly and under the supervision of a doctor, anti wrinkle injections slow down this progression and help smooth out wrinkles, without making the patient look ‘frozen.’ Anti wrinkle injections can also be used in conjunction with dermal filler, as fillers can restore areas that have lost volume and structure with age, weight loss and gravity.

At Brisbane cosmetic clinic our anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are performed by Cosmetic Doctors who are medically qualified and extensively trained.

What can I expect with my anti wrinkle injections?

The most common question we were asked other than ‘what are wrinkle injections?’ is “what can a patient expect with the process”? Anti wrinkle injections are a relatively quick process, making it a perfect ‘lunchtime or pop-in procedure.’  A small series of injections are placed into the most active muscles causing lines and wrinkles of concern. The injections are performed with the tiniest of needles and the patient can expect only minor discomfort. Anti wrinkle injections take up to 14 days to take full effect and will last roughly three to six months depending on the size of the muscle and how long you have been having Anti wrinkle injections.  However, after some time, anti wrinkle injections will often last longer as the muscle becomes weaker and finer.

A clinic is offering a cheap deal on anti wrinkle injections, should I go there?

If a clinic is advertising cheap anti wrinkle injections: check whether it’s a Doctor. If your injector is a Nurse, are they supervised by a Doctor who is qualified and trained in these procedures. Nurse injectors are required by law for their supervising Doctor to examine the patient and prescribe treatment for the patient. Anti wrinkle injections can be performed rather like “painting by numbers” or, the the Doctor can examine the patient and correctly assess providing a medically and technically detailed treatment for the patient. Complications from anti wrinkle injections are not treatable. The patient has to wait 3-6 months for the treatment to reverse. Additionally, dermal fillers come in a range of options. Each dermal filler is used for a specific purpose, not because it’s cheap. Dermal fillers have a range of serious complications including death of the tissue into which it is injected and also blindness if dermal filler is injected into a blood vessel. Doctors are qualified and trained in detailed anatomy enabling them to reduce the risks of treatments effectively.

Don’t forget, you’re paying for the technique

At the end of the day, it’s not worth risking your face to save money. According to Australian law, a patient receiving cosmetic injections at a clinic must be consulted by a doctor. While cosmetic nurses are highly skilled, understanding facial anatomy requires years of medical experience. Despite these laws, there are still some ‘injectable clinics’ operating without the supervision of a doctor. Unqualified injectors without proper medical knowledge have caused permanent damage by accidentally injecting into blood vessels. ‘Danger zones’ such as between the eyes, nose and temple area are especially dangerous due to the number of larger blood vessels.

We hope we’ve answered your question on ‘what are anti wrinkle injections?’ and have provided you will enough information. If you would like to hear more about anti wrinkle injections Brisbane, please get in touch for a consultation with our cosmetic surgeon.

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