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Infini with PRP – Three-Dimensional Skin Restoration

Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic has just announced the arrival of its new Infini machine – a new dimension in facial rejuvenation and skin treatment. Medical Director, Dr Georgina Konrat uses the Infini Micro Needling and Radio Frequency Treatment in conjunction with another revolutionary treatment: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)/Stem Cell Therapy. This Infini with PRP combination treatment is changing expectations of what can be done for ageing and sun-damaged skin, active acne and acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkling, enlarged pores and surgical scars.

Infini works to stimulate your tissues and skin layers to give a three-dimensional tightening to your skin. This means that it doesn’t just treat the surface of your skin, but also works on the deeper tissues that support your skin.

PRP / Stem Cell Therapy separates the powerful platelets, stem cells and proteins from your own blood to produce a restorative ‘plasma’ that is injected into your dermis (the deep layer of your skin). It helps your skin to repair itself, increasing its thickness and general health.

Infini with PRP Combination Therapy for Maximum Benefit

“Combination Infini with PRP / Stem Cell Therapy is the cutting edge of regenerative skin medicine”, says Dr Konrat. “This treatment can help your skin regain its youthful fullness and elasticity.”

Infini with PRP / Stem Cell therapy combined treat all layers of the skin, increasing skin thickness, and helping to produce a smooth, glowing, healthy complexion.

Turning back the clock is something we all dream of. Now, that dream has come another step closer to reality, allowing you to present a naturally restored skin and a more youthful face to the world.

“Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic has invested in the Infini because it is unique in the world of cosmetic medicine,” says Dr Konrat. “The clinic has a policy of investigating every therapy that enters the crowded field of cosmetic medicine.

Many therapies, however, either don’t deliver what they promise, or are simply ‘me too’ therapies.”

“The Infini stands out from the pack and was a ‘must have’ for Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic,” said Dr Konrat. “With the Infini and our existing expertise in Platelet-Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapy, we can offer our patients truly cutting-edge therapy and great, natural results.”

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Updated 20/01/2021

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