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Your body is a very flexible and accommodating machine. It does, however, have its limitations. If you’ve been pregnant, or significantly overweight, your body may struggle to return fully to a ‘normal’ shape. Your skin may be stretched, and your underlying tissues and muscles may have experienced damage that isn’t reversible.

If this is your experience, you may be a candidate for Professional Cosmetic Surgery Tummy Tuck surgery, or Abdominoplasty. Dr Georgina Konrat of Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic (https://www.brisbanecosmetic.com.au/) says she talks to many people who are struggling to restore their body shape after pregnancy or weight loss.

“Considering the size of a full-term baby, it’s amazing how a woman’s body can expand to accommodate it, then contract again,” says Dr Konrat. With exercise and healthy living, a woman can return to, or near, her normal shape in a relatively short period of time. Sometimes, however, damage has been done to the skin and tissue that simply can’t be repaired by the body alone.

When a significantly overweight person loses weight, similar problems may occur. “I have the greatest admiration for a person who undergoes a significant weight loss program,” says Dr Konrat. “It involves a complete change of lifestyle, which requires enormous and ongoing discipline.”

Once a person has achieved as close as possible to their ideal body weight, they may be left with excess folds of skin, a residue of fatty deposits, and muscle and tissue damage that will never repair. This is where Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck surgery plays its part.

Abdominoplasty: What It Is

Tummy Tuck surgery removes excess skin and fat, and it also plays an important, hidden role in helping to restore your natural shape. It can help restore the structure of muscles that have been weakened or had their fibres separated.

Dr Konrat says that Tummy Tuck surgery works best when you have already achieved, and are stable at your optimum weight. She stresses that it is not a substitute for weight loss. “You should think of Tummy Tuck as a body contouring procedure rather than a weight loss procedure,” she adds. Because of the negative effect of smoking on your body tissues, it’s advisable that you give up smoking if you’re a smoker. As with any cosmetic surgery, you must have realistic expectations, and your surgeon will explain this to you in detail.

Is Abdominoplasty for Me?

If you fit the description above, have excess, sagging abdominal skin, stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss, or excess fatty tissue that won’t respond to healthy living and exercise, you may be a candidate for Tummy Tuck surgery. Dr Konrat examines you both standing and lying down, and will check the quality of your skin and the amount of surplus skin and fat. She will also assess the condition of your muscles and will determine the best way to manage your surgery.

Once you have been fully assessed she well advise on the type of surgery that will be best for you. In some situations, liposuction alone may suffice, and in others, a partial or ‘mini’ abdominoplasty is appropriate. Occasionally, an endoscopic abdominoplasty is possible, if there is only a mild degree of excess fat and muscle laxity. However, if excess skin needs to be removed and if muscles need to be tightened, abdominoplasty surgery is the most effective way of doing this.

The Procedure

Tummy Tuck surgery takes place under a general anaesthetic and normally lasts from one to three hours, depending on the complexity and requirement of your particular situation.

Dr Konrat will make drawings on your skin to guide her when you are on the operating table. She will usually make an incision across your abdomen, either just within or above the pubic area. Additional incisions may need to be made, depending on the presence of other loose skin.

Important work happens below your skin when the underlying tissue and muscle is brought together with sutures. Sometimes an incision also needs to be made around the navel, depending on the location and nature of the tissue and skin to be removed.

The post-operative period is critical for any surgery – in order to ensure the best result – and Tummy Tuck is no exception. Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic closely monitors your recovery and progress. It has processes that help to minimise the risk of complications and that identify any threat of complication as early as possible.

With care and healthy living, you should enjoy the results of your revitalised shape into the future. To learn more about Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) surgery, go to https://www.brisbanecosmetic.com.au/tummy-tuck-abdominoplasty/, or call (07) 3391 5710 for a confidential appointment.


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