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Taking Care of Your Face with the Latest in Combination Procedures

The ageing process affects every cell in our bodies. Ageing changes us from our skeleton to the outer layer of our skin in a process that humans have tried to prevent and slow for thousands of years. We find our faces have shrunk, shrivelled, wrinkled and bulged in all the wrong places. Why not let cosmetic medicine help out with taking care of your face?

The past twenty years have seen enormous advances in cosmetic anti-ageing therapy. Non-surgical options (injectables) are now far more common than the surgical face-lift. With today’s techniques, we can confidently say that it’s possible for a person to look naturally younger.

Combination Therapy

The latest in medical cosmetic injectables, such as dermal fillers, isn’t a new product, but a sophisticated combination of many of the injecting products that have been used over the past several years. Experts have turned their attention to the possibility of combining a number of treatments and products in new ways.

This approach to taking care of your face is rooted in a thorough understanding of human anatomy. When a cosmetic surgery and medicine practitioner assesses your unique physical makeup and the treatment required, he or she must have a detailed knowledge of how changes in one area of your face or skin layer affect others. The practitioner must understand how your unique ageing process has impacted your deep tissue layers as well as your skin.

If this all sounds bewilderingly complex, it’s because it is. You owe it to yourself to know enough to ensure you’re putting yourself in the hands of an expert, whose approach can take an holistic view of the best treatment for you.

Ageing Changes Structure as Well As Skin

The simple version is that as you age, the entire structure of your face alters. Your skin is just one part of this.

For example, many people experience a ‘dropping’ of their facial tissue in the ‘midface’ area. The malar fat pad, which runs from your nose across and just below your cheekbone, can be rejuvenated with injections, but this can cause the rest of your face to appear unbalanced. Doctors are now learning how they can combine ‘firm’ injecting products where the face needs to be ‘sculpted’, and ‘soft’ products in areas such as your lips and perioral areas (around the mouth).

Some injecting products add volume to your face, others fill the lines, others help lift the tissues to their more youthful position in your face, and still others can ‘buttress’ your anatomy, so you are protected against further decline.

Doctors have discovered the potential to use ‘thick’ fillers in deep creases in your skin, and ‘thinner’ fillers for more superficial lines that haven’t penetrated beyond the epidermis (the skin’s top layer).

Sometimes when taking care of your face, the injecting practitioner will inject different products in different locations, as described above; at other times a longer-lasting product might be used where a short-lived product has produced a good result.

In more sophisticated procedures, products can be layered on each other, or even mixed together to achieve exactly the result required.

Exciting New World

Experts in the field of cosmetic injectables are very excited about these advances in the understanding and practice of injecting. They have taken their understanding of the face’s physiology to a new level, and used it to find new ways to correct the results of ageing, support facial tissues and refresh every aspect of the face’s physiology.

This approach requires expert medical understanding and a thorough understanding of every area of cosmetic medicine. For consumers, the good news is that facial rejuvenation can give you a natural, youthful appearance. It’s possible that no one will guess you’ve had treatment. But, as with every purchasing decision, there is a ‘buyer beware’ clause: for the best results, consult only a highly qualified medical practitioner.

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Updated 24/06/2021

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