Skin Needling Helps Reduce Unsightly Scars

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With so many different cosmetic skin treatments available, Dr Georgina Konrat of Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic says that patients can be confused as to which treatment is the most appropriate best cosmetic skin treatment in Brisbane. There’s often more than one treatment that can yield good results for a particular condition. It’s important to seek medically qualified advice.

Skin Needling is one of the more recent innovations in medical and cosmetic injectables. This treatment is very useful in helping to reduce acne scarring and in aiding wrinkle reduction. It is capable of helping to fill old surgical or chicken pox scars and can improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Skin Needling works to plump up the skin by stimulating the formation of new collagen. It ‘rearranges’ the damaged outer layer of the skin (the epidermis). Two or three treatments over the course of a year will give you some immediate improvement, but, more importantly, as the collagen matures, you will see ongoing improvement in your skin’s surface.

Skin Needling can be performed anywhere on the body or face, and works on every type of skin.

The Treatment

Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic’s specialist nurse injector uses a special tattoo-artist’s ‘gun’. About 200 fine surgical steel needles are attached to the roller mechanism. The area to be treated is cleansed and a local anaesthetic cream or an anaesthetic block used, depending on the sensitivity of the area.

The roller is applied directly to your skin in a crisscross motion. This penetrates your skin’s epidermis, but, unlike treatments such as laser treatments, doesn’t remove it. In medical grade skin needling, the needle penetrates the skin to a depth of 1 mm or less – the area called the intermediate reticular dermis. This will help the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, thereby contributing to smoother skin and reduced scarring.

You will experience a sensation like ‘grazing’ the skin and there will be some oozing moisture and a number of blood pricks. This helps bring about a normal process of inflammation, which in its turn helps encourage your skin to produce more collagen and to grow more strongly.

What to Expect After Treatment

Dr Konrat says that the effects of Skin Needling can differ depending on the needle gauge, length and even the pressure that’s applied by the operator. A qualified and skilled injector will know how much pressure to apply. As with any skin treatment, it’s possible to damage your skin, so you should ensure your injector has both medical and cosmetic qualifications.

Your skin will be quite red immediately after your treatment, but any bleeding will cease within an hour. The nurse will cover the treated area with an antioxidant cream or gel. You will need to keep the area moist for the next three or four days. On the fourth or fifth day, scabs will come away, revealing pink skin.

For best results, Dr Konrat advises that the treatment can be repeated two or three times over a year. This will depend on the extent of the skin damage being treated. You should also be aware that healing of the dermis (the layer below your outer skin) continues to yield smoother and tighter skin over the following six to nine months. This is because collagen is laid down more smoothly and regularly.

Skin Needling is great for sensitive areas such as the lower eyelids, neck and the back of your hands. However, you should beware of inexpert or home treatments, as over-aggressive needling can cause scarring.

At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, highly qualified registered nurse practitioners, who have additional training in all aspects of cosmetic medicine, provide services such as Skin Needling. For more information about Skin Needling and a full range of complementary skin procedures, go to www.brisbanecosmetic.com.au or call (07) 3391 5710 to book a consultation.


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