Secret Women’s Business: The Most Intimate Surgery of All (Part 1)

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One of the most private of all issues is a woman’s feeling about her genitals. We’ve all heard tasteless jokes about ‘size’ when it comes to men, but in polite company the most intimate area of a woman’s body has been generally ‘off limits’ for humour – or for any type of discussion, for that matter. Until recently, that is.

Now, with access to the Internet, pictures are easy to find, and there’s ample opportunity for women to compare themselves with others. In some cases, pictures on the Internet or in magazines have been digitally altered, helping to give a false impression of what is ‘normal’.

We have also seen artists using the subject as ‘work of art’. There are several “Wall of Vagina” productions around the world, where women of all shapes and sizes have allowed impressions to be made of their genitals.

So, it’s now public knowledge that there are as many different shapes and sizes of women’s genitalia as there are varied shapes and sizes of noses. Unfortunately, as with noses, a definition of ‘perfection’ has appeared, that has little connection with reality.

Looks Aren’t Everything

It’s important to understand that a woman’s satisfaction with this part of her body is not just based on appearance. It also has a great deal to do with comfort. The ‘outer lips’ (labia majora) form a cleft, which contains the clitoris, the ‘inner lips’ (labia minora) and the external openings of the urethra and the vagina. In most women, the inner lips are largely contained without the outer lips. However, the range of ‘normal’ is wide, and it’s not unusual for the inner lips to protrude to some extent.

When the inner lips protrude too far beyond the outer lips, a woman can experience quite noticeable discomfort from drying and rubbing of the sensitive skin – described by some women as something they are conscious of all through the day as an irritating distraction. Wearing tight clothing can be very uncomfortable. Depending on the size of the inner lips, some girls and women can be extremely embarrassed about undressing in company, or even wearing swim and gym wear. It can also inhibit their ability to enjoy sex.

There is a Solution

Women are no longer prepared to allow any problem to dominate their lives. Dr Konrat of Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic sees women of all ages who want to have the size and shape of their labia minora adjusted, for one or all of the reasons discussed above. Many of these women have felt distressed about this part of their body for years before plucking up the courage to do something about it. Dr Konrat believes that appearance is only one of many reasons why Labiaplasty surgery can benefit a woman in this situation. To read more about the reasons a woman chooses Labiaplasty surgery, click here.

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