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Non Surgical Face Lifts for the 21st Century

“This is an exciting time to be a cosmetic doctor,” enthuses Dr Georgina Konrat, of Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic. “Advances in cosmetic medicine mean that we can help restore your natural appearance in a way that earlier face lift surgery was unable to do. We can really make a difference to the way people age.”

She has every reason to be enthusiastic. With only a small degree of discomfort and little downtime, the latest cosmetic injecting procedures can take years off your appearance without distorting your natural looks.

This is possible because of advances in the nature and use of facial filler techniques. We now have safe fillers that can last for many years. We can combine various types of techniques and fillers to lift, fill and restore every area of your face. “This,” says Dr Konrat, “is a step-change in cosmetic anti-wrinkle medicine.”

Non Surgical Facial Lifts Go to the Foundation of the Problem

While the surgical face-lift still has its place in medicine, but for the majority of people, non surgical face lifts will achieve a better, more economical and natural result.

Non-surgical facial restoration helps to tackle the problem of wrinkles at their foundation: the loss of volume and the changing dimensions in the tissues that give your face its structure. You may see hollows under your eyes and in your cheeks, or ‘jowls’ that disturb the smooth line of your jaw. Perhaps you’ve acquired a farmyard of lines and wrinkles – crows’ feet, bunny lines, spiders’ webs of fine creases – wandering around your face, shouting that your best days are over.

With age, your body stops producing collagen, the magic substance that gives youthful volume and elasticity to your skin and tissues. Reduction in the production of collagen, the effects of gravity, stress, the wear of daily life, sun, and pollution damage, all have a negative effect on your facial tissues and skin.

Working With Your Unique Structure

Dr. Konrat and her team begin with an examination of your unique structure and skin as a prelude to designing a specific facial restoration program for you. The injecting professionals at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic advise you on all the options and discuss a program that fits your wishes and your purse.

Tackling the evidence of aging at the ‘structural’ level with the right combination of products means you will not only achieve a naturally younger look, but it will last longer.

Dr. Konrat says there is an additional piece of good news. The products and techniques used in non-surgical facial rejuvenation also help to stimulate your body to produce more of the collagen and other substances that once supported your youthful looks. This will contribute to the longevity of your facial rejuvenation treatment.

What Kind Of Procedures Are There For Non Surgical Face Lifts?

After analysing your facial structure and skin type, Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic’s anti-wrinkle injections Brisbane specialist nurse determines the best combination of therapies for your unique facial restoration. Imagine your face as a grid, where each square has an impact on the others, and each has its own challenges. There is a solution to enhance each ‘square’ of your face.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

When the muscles that pull your face into a tired, stressed presentation are relaxed using tested anti-wrinkle injections Brisbane wide, the damaging and aging effects of frowning, or other habitual distortion of your face are reduced. Anti-wrinkle injections use a purified protein muscle relaxant. The simple procedure has little discomfort and its results can be seen within a few days of treatment. The injections block the chemical signals that cause your facial muscles to contract, thereby preventing them from pulling or contracting inwards and downwards to create lines and wrinkles.

Perhaps you have frown lines between your eyebrows and on the bridge of your nose, smile lines on the side of your nose or fanning out from the corners of your eyes; perhaps you have strong forehead creases. You may have lines or wrinkles around your mouth or thick bands across your neck. Any of these can be treated by anti-wrinkle injections. By tackling the muscles that cause these lines and wrinkles, these facial restoration injections help to address the cause of the problem.

Dermal Fillers

A young person’s skin has youthful fullness and suppleness. With age, our skin gradually loses the substances that support this – collagen and elastin, along with hyaluronic acid and fat. This loss causes your skin to sag and crease. Dermal fillers are used to help ‘plump’ your skin and assist your body to produce more of the collagen that gave you your youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers are used to smooth wrinkles and folds anywhere on your face. They can also help with the creases that develop at the corners of your nose and mouth and help restore volume in your cheeks, under your eyes, along your jawline and your temples. They can be used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections. Each treatment can be complementary and each is capable of supporting the benefits of the other.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic’s specialist nurse injector may also recommend that you enhance and prolong the benefits of your other facial restoration treatments by using the relatively new treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Skin Rejuvenation. This is a completely natural treatment, using your body’s chemistry and cells. It works by taking your own blood cells to create a ‘platelet-rich plasma’, which is then injected into the skin area to be treated. This treatment helps to strengthen your skin, particularly addressing the problems of thinning skin, fine wrinkles, poor texture, and sun damage. It is now recognised as an important component of combination therapy.

 If you need more guidance about non surgical face lifts or other cosmetic surgery procedures, get in touch with Dr. Georgina Konrat at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic today! Call on 07 3391 5710 or reach out online!

Updated 24/06/2021

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