The Lotus® Laser’s powerful technology helps improve blood flow and tissue tone in your vagina. This can result in a more healthy and better-lubricated vagina, and therefore improved sexual gratification for you and your partner.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, then Laser vagina rejuvenation is the best non-surgical treatment available today:

  • Diminished sensation during intercourse
  • Dryness, loss of lubrication and pain during intercourse
  • Vaginal pain or discomfort

Lotus® Laser at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic

You can take advantage of these benefits:

  • This is a walk-in, walk-out procedure
  • There are no incisions and therefore no scars
  • There is little or no down-time
  • No antibiotics or medications are required after the procedure

Our friendly and understanding female medical professionals will ensure your comfort, both for your assessment and treatments. The team is led by Dr Georgina Konrat, who is well known and respected for her DOVE labiaplasty surgery. The team at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic is highly trained and experienced in addressing the needs of intimate female issues.

As with any medical procedure, laser vaginal rejuvenation is not necessarily suitable for every woman, so the first step is a consultation to assess your condition and the best way to treat it.

Although laser vaginal rejuvenation with the Lotus laser can offer similar results to hormone replacement therapy, it is possible that you might need complementary or alternative treatment. You will receive comprehensive advice about this at your initial assessment.

Approximately half of all women experience some vaginal problems and no woman should need to suffer in silence. No longer secret womens’ business, Laser Vaginal rejuvenation and regeneration provide women with a non surgical option improving personal and intimate comfort and confidence.

Why Choose Lotus® Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic?

The Lotus Fraxis Duo C02 Laser combination therapy is state-of-the-art, non-surgical therapy for vagina rejuvenation. The treatment stimulates the regeneration of important tissue structures that keep your vagina elastic, lubricated and healthy. This procedure can help with several common female problems.

Dr Georgina Konrat and her female medical team are highly experienced in treating vaginal issues. Dr Konrat is well known for her DOVE Labiaplasty surgery technique, and can provide comprehensive advice.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation in More Detail

How is the Laser vaginal rejuvenation performed?

The laser is inserted into the vagina, and the laser light is applied to the mucosal (mucous-making) tissue of the vagina. At the point where the laser contacts the tissue, a tiny dot of tissue is removed, creating a pinhole about the diameter of a human hair. This stimulates the special repair cells of the body—those that create elastin and collagen, which are the building blocks of healthy tissue.

The result, from a medical point of view, is renewed, healthy tissue that performs like younger tissue. You will experience a more elastic vagina and better vaginal lubrication. If you have had recurring infections in the past, you should see a reduction in this problem, as the pH of your vagina returns to normal.

How The Lotus® Laser Works

Fraxis Duo CO2 Laser technology is combined with micro-needle fractional radio frequency in the Lotus® laser. Fractional CO2 laser processes have been safely employed for more than 20 years to rejuvenate the sensitive skin of the face. This amazing combination technology provides surface and deep stimulation of the tissues of the vagina and the vulvar vestibule (the external area around the opening of the vagina and the urethra). The combination of surface and deep stimulation increases the effectiveness of the treatment, while reducing its side effects.

The treatment thickens the mucosal tissues (those producing lubricating mucous to the area). It does this by stimulating your body’s own regenerative processes to improve blood circulation, regenerate healthier cells and create more moisture for the cells. All this contributes to a better supply of nutrients to the vaginal mucosa and helps keep the vagina’s walls healthy and elastic.

You should remember that, regardless of any treatments you have, your body’s ageing process does continue, so the benefits, while long-lasting, may decrease with time. In consultation with your doctor, you may receive further treatments if appropriate.

Before Fraxis Duo laser vaginal rejuvenation, you must have had a PAP smear and examination with no abnormalities in the last 12 months.

Many patients notice positive results after just one Lotus® treatment; however we usually recommend a course of 3 or 4 treatments, usually spaced at 4-weekly intervals, to gain the maximum longer-term benefit. Single follow-up Lotus treatments can be performed when you and your doctor agree it’s required.

Lotus® Laser Proven Technology – for Doctors and the Technically Inclined

The Fraxis LOTUS is inspired by, and based upon, the most reliable laser therapy design. It uses proven CO2 laser technology that has been used in multiple medical applications for over 50 years.

The CO2 laser was originally invented by Kamar Patal in 1964 and is one of the most high-powered and efficient lasers available. Because of this it has been used extensively in multiple medical fields including neurosurgery, dermatology, plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynaecology and general surgery. It is one of the most widely used of all medical lasers.

Recent studies have documented the beneficial effects of fractional CO2 laser therapy on atrophic vaginal mucosa. The Fraxis LOTUS now brings this extensive laser experience to add a new dimension to the treatment of vaginal atrophy.

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