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The structure and volume of your lips can change with age. This ageing process is exacerbated by the action of your muscles, smoking and sun damage, which can be treated with lip fillers.

Our lips are the gateway to many of life’s pleasures. Whether smiling, pouting, laughing or kissing, they’re often in the limelight and forever a focal feature. Beautiful lips can enhance your look like no other feature can, thereby giving you a special kind of confidence.

Luscious Lips and youthful facial curves! It’s easy, safe and natural with the range of soft dermal fillers (lip fillers) available at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic for lip rejuvenation.

Lip injections using dermal fillers:

  • improve volume
  • define lip line
  • correct asymmetry
  • generally enhance the shape and contours of your lips.
  • Treatments using lip injections at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic are performed using local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire treatment.

With a background of relaxing music and calming aromatic oils, treatments are formulated to match your lips’ natural structure, supporting their many complex movements. Treatments can sustain lip definition and you can repeat or vary the treatment as often as you wish.

With rejuvenating lip fillers, your lips will always look their luscious, natural best.

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Lip Fillers

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