Labiaplasty: A Road To Self-Worth?

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In recent years, debate about the role of cosmetic surgery has increased along with its popularity. An example of this is “Centrefold”, an award-winning documentary project in the United Kingdom launched in mid-2012. It explores the growing trend for women to seek Labiaplasty surgery.

This project is just one example of the growing interest in this topic. Many people will also have seen images from artist Jamie McCartney’s “Great Wall of Vagina”. It helps to illustrate that we are all unique. However, that doesn’t stop each of us aspiring to our own particular vision of beauty.

There’s No ‘Norm’ for Labia

Just as every nose is different, but we each have our own opinion about the ‘perfect’ nose, so every woman has her own unique perception of her genitalia. Over many years, Dr Konrat has seen hundreds of women who present with a range of concerns about their genitalia. She says that patients almost never come to her with a concept of how a vagina or the labia should look. Rather, they come to her because they don’t like the way their own labia or genitalia appear.

Dr Konrat says that the overwhelming majority of patients simply want to be happy with their own appearance, and more comfortable in their daily lives. It is extremely rare for a patient to report that her sexual partner is unhappy with her genital appearance. It is far more common for women to report that they themselves feel uncomfortable with their appearance during sex.

The Practical Issues

Enlarged labia can be inconvenient for today’s active lifestyle. Tight clothing, shorts and swimwear can present issues for women whose labia minora (the ‘inner lips’) protrude significantly.

Besides feeling anxious about their appearance, many women report significant irritation, rubbing, even blisters, on the sensitive skin of the labia. This can lead to multiple infections, which in turn leave a woman with problems of personal hygiene.

Risk and Reward

Labiaplasty, like any surgery, is an invasive procedure, and there are risks associated with it. Dr Konrat has developed a unique technique that helps to minimise the risk of Labiaplasty surgery, and produces a very natural appearance. Some Labiaplasty techniques leave the labia with the appearance of having been ‘cut’, others have an unacceptably high risk of problems such as ‘wound dehiscence’, where the wound opens up.

Dr Konrat’s experience at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic is that fully-informed patients, who understand why they have chosen to have Labiaplasty surgery and who have realistic expectations, are happy on all levels (physically, psychologically and emotionally) with the results.

So, is Labiaplasty – or any surgical procedure – the road to self-worth? Dr Konrat will assure you it isn’t. But she also believes that because every person has innate value, they deserve to enhance their lives in whatever way is right for them. And it’s for this reason that Labiaplasty may be the right choice for you.

The full details of this surgical procedure are on our website at www.brisbanecosmetic.com.au along with our contact details. If you would like to discuss your own personal concerns and desires, please book a private consultation with Dr Konrat.

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