Infra Red Light Therapy Post Cosmetic Surgery

Everyone loves basking in warm, gentle sunlight. These days, we understand that the sun’s rays have dangerous as well as beneficial elements, so most people wisely limit their exposure to the sun. However, sunlight is essential to all life.

The sun’s rays are made up of a number of different ‘wavelengths’, including infrared and ultraviolet, neither of which can be seen by the human eye, even though they have a strong effect on plant and animal life.

Harnessing the Sun’s Benefits

In the early 1990’s scientists began to understand more about infrared light LED technology, and, in conjunction with NASA research, led the way in developing many different kinds of infrared and laser therapy devices.

Happily, today these inventions can be used in a range of personal applications to help improve the skin and keep it healthy and more vital in appearance, as well as aid in healing after cosmetic surgery. (Other types of Infrared therapy are also used in pain relief.) The Infra Red Light Therapy used in skin therapy is usually delivered by an Infrared Crystallite, which uses invisible light waves.

How Infra-Red Works

Infra-red light waves are capable of travelling deep into the tissue under the skin. There, they work to stimulate lymphatic drainage (which helps carry away waste material from the tissues), increase blood circulation and nourish tummy tuck damaged tissues. The infra-red light waves stimulate the production of ATP, an energy source that is important for the healing process of body tissues.

Because of this capability, Infrared light therapy is very useful in helping to reduce bruising and swelling after cosmetic surgery, particularly when it is used in the first few days after surgery. It can speed the healing process, and help restore the tissues that have been subjected to some trauma from surgery.

Anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery such as a “tummy tuck” (Abdominoplasty) or liposuction (Liposculpture) should consider Infra Red Therapy in the days following the surgery. To read more about Infra Red Light Therapy, click here.

Noticeable Results for Most People

The nice thing about Infra Red Light Therapy is that it is also relaxing and pain-free. It is most effective in post-surgical treatment if it begins 24 hours after the surgery, and continues for three days. However, you can continue treatment for as long and as often as you wish, as the treatment will continue to benefit your healing tissues. It stimulates blood circulation, has a soothing effect and encourages the release of endorphins that create the body’s ‘natural high’.

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