It’s Not Just About the Surgery: Finding the Right Support for your Cosmetic Surgery Journey

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Whether it’s critical to your life and health, or an elective cosmetic procedure, surgery invades your body. There are risks and challenges involved and a period of recovery is required. At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, Medical Director Georgina Konrat has made a careful study of the surgical journey and has implemented a program to support patients before and after the actual cosmetic surgery.

Most people anticipate a cosmetic surgery procedure with a degree of excitement – particularly when they can visualise the outcome by seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of others who have had the same surgery. This vision of the end results is a significant part of the decision to undergo the surgery, whether it is a life changing abdominoplasty, breast augmentation with implants, liposculpture, blepharoplasty, or any other cosmetic surgery procedure.

The beginning of an elective cosmetic surgery journey is the decision itself. You alone can make that decision. It should be made after careful research and consultation and there is no substitute for face-to-face discussion with a doctor. If necessary, you should consult more than one. Dr Konrat says it’s important to have a thorough understanding of your motives, a clear view of what you can expect and a frank, trusting relationship with your doctor.

You begin your elective cosmetic surgery journey in excellent health, then wake up from the procedure as a patient requiring care and healing. This in itself is a shock for your body and mind.

“This journey is a daily experience,” explains Dr Konrat. “At some point there will be a ‘down’ or a ‘flat’ period for everyone.” Simply being aware that this is part of a normal recovery process always helps a patient navigate these choppy seas. Your personality, your past medical experiences and your general life situation will all influence how you cope with your post-operative course.

If you’ve had major surgery, it will be quite normal to experience periods of despondency for the first four or five weeks after surgery. A post-operative complication, even when it’s successfully addressed, can increase your stress. During this period, it can be easy to lose sight of the result you had visualised with such optimism and enthusiasm. Dr Konrat says that every patient’s journey is slightly different. “Some people need arms around their shoulders, others need quite firm encouragement, advice and counselling. Others simply need to be told that what they are experiencing is normal. We try to work out which personality needs what and do the best we can to provide it.”

Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic has a ‘hands-on’ policy of calling patients fairly frequently in the post-operative period. Most patients are delighted to receive this level of care, but the Clinic staff is always on the lookout for patients who don’t wish to receive this level of attention. Patients are also encouraged to call with any questions or concerns. “There is no such thing as a trivial concern after surgery,” says Dr Konrat. “Every issue needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally so it doesn’t become serious.”

To find out more about Dr Konrat’s approach to pre- and post-operative support, go to https://www.brisbanecosmetic.com.au/ or call 07 3392 5710 for a confidential consultation.



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