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Natural Lip Enlargement – Enhancing Your Lips Naturally

Interested to learn about natural lip enlargement? Several years ago, a survey of plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills found that more patients asked for their lips to be made over to look like Angelina Jolie’s than any other star. It’s not realistic or possible for a cosmetic practitioner, no matter how expert, to reproduce another person’s lips – or any other part of their body. However, lips that look ‘lush’ and full, that curve gently, can make a woman feel very sensual and can help her look and feel younger.

The good news is that with today’s high-quality dermal fillers, it is possible to achieve a natural looking lip enhancement safely and naturally, giving you luscious lips and more youthful facial curves.

What You Should Know About Natural Lip Enlargement

Is Natural Looking Lip Enhancement for You?

If you were born with thin lips, or if the ageing process has caused your lips to lose definition, you are probably a candidate for Lip Sculpture. As you age, your lips become thinner, particularly around the centre of your top lip, which is called ‘Cupid’s Bow’. Some women try to enhance the shape of their lips by using a lip liner outside the natural lip line, and then fill the lips with lipstick, but this often proves unsatisfactory when the lipstick ‘bleeds’ into the wrinkles around the lips.

Injectable fillers for lip enhancement and rejuvenation can make a subtle difference to your entire face. There are a number of options available. As with any cosmetic procedure, you can find lip fillers Brisbane practitioners with varying levels of experience and expertise.

To get the best results with your natural lip enlargement, it’s important that you are comfortable with the practitioner you choose. If you’re uncertain, ask to see some examples of the practitioner’s work, and make sure she/he has legitimate qualifications – both general medical qualifications and specific cosmetic injecting qualifications.

There’s much more to natural looking lip enhancement than simply ‘plumping’ up the shape. Your lips perform a complex range of movements, and it’s important that any enhancement helps support their natural structure and gives a natural definition. We’ve all seen examples of lip ‘enhancement’ gone horribly wrong.

Safety First

The safest lip enhancement uses non-animal, natural produces. Hyaluronic acid products are compatible with the human body, which means they are eventually broken down naturally. They are very safe unless a person has previous bad allergies, a known allergy to Lidocaine or a bleeding problem. It’s always recommended that you have a full consultation before any treatment. Your qualified practitioner will examine you and ask for your medical history to ensure the treatment will be safe for you.

Depending on the state of your lips and your required outcome, you will need one or two treatments to achieve your desired result. A good practitioner will not exceed the recommended dosage and may require you to return for a second treatment to achieve the look you want. Once you have achieved this look, the results can last for as long as six months, only gradually subsiding.

Some lip enhancement product comes with a numbing medication ‘built-in’, to give you the lips you want with less discomfort.

Some redness, swelling, pain, bruising and tenderness are inevitable, but this is usually mild and lasts less than 14 days. Then your lips will settle to their new shape for the coming months.

Interested to Find Out More?

If you’d like to learn more about natural lip enlargement, get in touch with Dr. Georgina Konrat at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic today. Our lips are the gateway to many of life’s pleasures; Regain your confidence with luscious lips and youthful facial curves in a safe and natural way. Make an appointment today to find out more.

Updated 24/12/2020

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