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Dermal Fillers: When to Inject

One of the most common questions asked of a cosmetic doctor is the one about time. As we age and watch the wrinkles gradually become more obvious, our thoughts wander to the anti-ageing treatments that are becoming almost universal: anti-wrinkle injections, or dermal fillers. Ask three people when you should start using dermal fillers, and you’ll probably receive three different answers.

If you ask a qualified, experienced cosmetic doctor, you’ll also receive reasons for the answer. After providing hundreds of anti-wrinkle injections Brisbane wide, our specialist injectors know that dermal fillers are best started while wrinkles are still ‘young’.

Understanding ‘When’ in Terms of ‘How’

Wrinkles begin life ‘soft’ but become more ingrained the longer they exist. It’s as if your skin develops a memory, and the wrinkle gradually becomes deeper and deeper, more like a scar than a surface wrinkle. The deeper and more ingrained the wrinkle, the more difficult it is to banish.

When dermal fillers are used to fill wrinkles, they not only work on the line itself, they also act to stimulate the tissues around the wrinkle to produce more of the collagen that adds elasticity and fullness to the skin. So when a young, shallow wrinkle is treated with dermal fillers, the entire area responds to support your skin and prevent other wrinkles from developing.

For best results, you should plan to invest in an organised treatment program, with repeat injections every six to twelve months. This supports your facial tissues by helping your body produce additional collagen and retarding the development of additional wrinkles.

The Whole Face

An experienced injector understands that when your upper face loses volume, your entire face appears to have ‘dropped’. If you are proactive about developing a care plan with your anti-wrinkle dermal filler injector, you can avoid this unpleasant effect of gravity.

In this way, beginning an anti-wrinkle injections Brisbane program early can have lasting positive effects on your appearance as you age.

Never Too Late

If you already have a face full of wrinkles, take heart. With the current understanding of combination injecting therapies, it’s never too late to achieve some real improvement.

Make sure you choose an expert injector with a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology who can explain clearly how the treatment will work and what you can expect from it. It’s important to aim for a natural look that can be maintained long-term.

If you need more guidance about dermal fillers or other cosmetic surgery procedures, get in touch with Dr. Georgina Konrat at Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic today! Call on 07 3391 5710 or reach out online!


Updated 24/06/2021

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