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It’s Not Just About the Surgery: Finding the Right Support for your Cosmetic Surgery Journey

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Whether it’s critical to your life and health, or an elective cosmetic procedure, surgery invades your body. There are risks and challenges involved and a period of recovery is required. At Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, Medical Director Georgina Konrat has made a careful study of the surgical journey and has implemented a program to support patients before and after the actual cosmetic surgery. Most people anticipate a cosmetic surgery procedure with a degree of excitement – particularly when they can visualise the outcome by seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of others who have had the same surgery. This vision of…

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Infra Red Light Therapy Post Cosmetic Surgery

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Everyone loves basking in warm, gentle sunlight. These days, we understand that the sun’s rays have dangerous as well as beneficial elements, so most people wisely limit their exposure to the sun. However, sunlight is essential to all life. The sun’s rays are made up of a number of different ‘wavelengths’, including infrared and ultraviolet, neither of which can be seen by the human eye, even though they have a strong effect on plant and animal life. Harnessing the Sun’s Benefits In the early 1990’s scientists began to understand more about infrared light LED technology, and, in conjunction with NASA…

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