Breast Enlargement: Mind and Emotion As Well As Body

“It’s not what you look like that’s important, it’s what you’re like on the inside.” How many times have you heard those words from well-meaning friends or strangers? Of course, as with most platitudes, there’s a grain of truth hidden deep inside the high moral tone of those words. But it’s a fact that we can’t separate our minds and emotions from our physical world. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about changing your shape. A person’s desire for cosmetic enhancement goes deep, and the results affect far more than her looks.

Breasts have always provoked passionate debate. They are powerful symbol of womanhood, motherhood and female sensuality. Young women tend to be highly self-critical of their bodies; older women want their bodies to reflect the sense of vigour they still feel; a woman who has been disfigured by mastectomy wants to associate a return to her ‘old look’ with a return to health: in each case, appropriate breast enlargement surgery can be a great psychological boost. It’s no longer the case that a woman who wants to change the shape or size of her breasts is judged harshly.

So there are as many reasons for choosing breast enlargement surgery as there are women choosing it. A sensitive cosmetic surgeon specialising in breast surgery never ignores a woman’s reasons for wanting to enhance the shape of her breasts. Each individual has her own reasons, whether to be more confident during intimate sexual moments, to look better in brief summer clothes, or simply to enjoy her own reflection in the mirror. This can be the greatest gift a woman can give herself, and might have little to do with any other person.

A cosmetic surgeon is trained specifically to understand a person’s need for cosmetic surgery. Unlike many surgical specialists, they must look far beyond the specific physical area – in this case, the breast – to take into account the woman’s overall appearance, as well as her mind and emotions. The cosmetic doctor needs to recognise the things that are contributing to a negative body image, and know how to help a woman achieve the best outcome.

In this context, breast enlargement surgery has sometimes been described by women as ‘the best decision of my life’. A woman who tells you this might have a more exciting social life or a better relationship after her surgery. Perhaps she might wear more glamorous clothes. Or she might simply smile more at her reflection in the mirror.

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