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Are Breast Implants Safe?

If you’re thinking about getting breast implants, one of the most common questions asked is ‘are breast implants safe?’

The choice to get breast implants is a personal one, and like any sort of surgery, breast enlargement does come with possible risks and complications. However, these complications are greatly diminished when performed under the care of a qualified surgeon. So, if you are considering breast augmentation but are wondering ‘are breast implants safe’, read the following guide for more information on factors you should consider before booking a consultation with a qualified surgeon.

Are breast implants safe: Things to consider


Training and experience

Training and experience are paramount when it comes to performing breast procedures, so it pays to do your research and find a surgeon you feel comfortable with. Though some clinics may offer breast augmentation at cheap prices, you have to make sure that the surgeon performing your surgery has extensive experience in performing breast implant surgery. It’s highly recommended that you extensively research a surgeon’s credentials, their experience specifically in breast implant and also breast surgery before you book a consultation.

Ask about different types of implants

When you discuss the type of implants you’d like with your surgeon, be sure to ask them the benefits and disadvantages of each type. Depending on the sort of look you’re going for, some types of implant may be a safer option. Dr Georgina Konrat only uses Motiva Breast implants. Currently they are the only brand of implant to report a zero incidence of breast implant associated Lymphoma.

Saline implants

Some patients may feel more comfortable with saline implants as it offers a more natural look. If it does rupture (though unlikely) saline is generally tolerated quite well within the body.

Silicone implants

Silicone implants provide a more natural look, as they’re far less likely to be susceptible to a rippling appearance than saline implants. Unlike saline implants, it’s not immediately evident if a silicon implant ruptures, so it’s advised that you get regular mammograms to keep an eye on it.

Textured implants

When it comes to ‘are breast implants safe?’ textured implants have a slightly elevated safety risk. Textured implants are a great option for those who are susceptible to capsular contracture as the textured appearance allows it to grip onto the breast tissue better. It is unknown to doctors and researchers at this stage why the textured material increases the chances of immune cancer known as BIA-ALCL but the chances of complications happening are quite rare. Dr Georgina Konrat only uses the silk surface Motiva Breast implants to eliminated the risk of BIA-ALCL completely.

Screening for breast cancer when you have implants

Screening for breast cancer is considered generally quite safe, though it does require more care. If your implant has started to rupture or leak prior to having a mammogram, the pressure of the mammogram could cause the implant to break further. Potential breast cancer can be hidden by implants, so special consideration needs to be taken by the radiographer to get a readable x ray.


How safe are breast implants: Common FAQ’s


Do breast implants cause breast cancer?

Simply put, saline and silicone breast implants cannot cause breast cancer though they can cause BIA-ALCL which is an extremely rare form of cancer of the immune system. However, the chances of this type of cancer developing is incredibly rare and noted mostly in patients who have received textured implants. If BIA-ALCL does occur, it is highly treatable if diagnosed early.

Do I need to need to get my implants replaced?

Though not always necessary, it’s important to check your breast implants regularly as they may need replacing in time. Breast implants usually last anywhere between ten to twenty years, depending on a person’s individual biochemistry. Implants will only ever need to be replaced if a complication occurs, such as capsular contracture, or if a patient is older and has had them for a few decades.

Are breast implants safe now?

If you’re wondering ‘are breast implants safe now, we can assure you that today’s implant technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the years and that breast implants are considerably safer than they used to be. There’s also exists medical organisations to ensure surgeons are adhering to regulations and keeping up to date with the latest and most up to date in training and procedures.

Breast augmentation Brisbane

Still wondering how safe are breast implants?  Why not book a consultation with our well known breast implant surgeon, Dr Georgina Konrat? Dr Konrat will take the time to go over different implants available and discuss in depth the possible risks and complications for your peace of mind. Call us today or for an initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeon Dr Konrat!

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